Our Process

Step 1: COMMIT TO CHANGE. As a leader in your organization, you recognize a problem – low employee engagement, high health care costs and absenteeism. You sign on for a Prevention Partners license, committing to a comprehensive change process guided by recognized national experts. Purchase a license.

Step 2: ASSESS. You and/or your team log in to your online account and take our 140-question assessment of your organization’s environment for health and wellness. Depending on the product, you answer questions about your policies and practices involving physical activity, nutrition, tobacco use, psychosocial health, and the overall culture. Your letter grades serve as your first compass reading, telling you where you are and pointing to where you need to go.

Step 3: GET FEEDBACK. You receive recommendations customized to your organization. You and your wellness team use action plans to set a course and track progress. We provide a roadmap to making improvements quickly, with a measurement tool for tracking progress. Don't worry if your first assessment results in low grades — most organizations start in the same place. Remember, you're already ahead of the curve by recognizing the problems and committing to making changes.

Step 4: GET HELP. As you begin to make changes, you and your team attend our training sessions, use our online tools (samples of employee policies, communications, and quick tips), consult with our team of training and product support staff, and compare notes with peers through our referrals. We have a large network of organizations like yours who are succeeding in creating healthier places.

Step 5: IMPROVE. You reassess (available online, 24/7) and share news of your improved grades with senior leadership. These improvements reflect your positive momentum and the changes that affect everyone in your organization. Some changes will be obvious: students choosing water over sugary drinks at lunch, groups of co-workers taking walking breaks. Others will be subtle but powerful, like the understanding that the organization cares for its people and values their health and wellbeing.

Step 6: CELEBRATE. Your organization reaches A grades! Prevention Partners helps you celebrate, literally putting you on the map and recognizing your work. You continue to reassess to maintain your high standards, and you may begin to serve as a resource for other organizations just beginning the process. You continue to partner and consult with Prevention Partners to sustain the highest level of wellness, maintaining a healthy environment where all can thrive.