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Healthy Together NC is a Prevention Partners initiative in collaboration with Cone Health, the North Carolina Department of Commerce, North Carolina Community Foundation, North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, North Carolina Association of Local Health DirectorsNorth Carolina Hospital Association, North Carolina State Health PlanPopulation Health Improvement Partners, and Vidant Medical Center.

We’ve set an ambitious goal of building a healthier North Carolina, but we can’t reach it alone. So we’re recruiting leaders across sectors who want to help bring healthy change to all 100 NC counties by 2025. We’re inviting a unique mix — leaders of corporations, chambers of commerce, counties and municipalities, economic development agencies, hospitals, medical care clinics, foundations, universities, community colleges, manufacturers, public health organizations, schools, brokers, nonprofits, professional associations, and others — to join Healthy Together NC. These are people who know that a healthy population is one of the best investments we can make to ensure a thriving North Carolina.

NC Power of 10 mapOUR GOAL: THE POWER OF 10

We have set our sights on reaching at least 10 of the largest workplaces in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties by 2025 (click here to view our progress). We want to change the culture among 1,000+ employers, which means reaching at least 20 percent of our workforce, especially in our rural communities.  This will help reduce chronic diseases, control the high costs of healthcare, and create a more productive, engaged workforce.

Through WorkHealthy America, a nationally recognized initiative that we developed here in North Carolina, Prevention Partners guides change at the organizational level. By creating policies and benefits to help employees to go tobacco free, get more physical activity, make better food choices, and more, employers create cultural shifts that change employees’ lives. The true Power of 10, of course, is that these changes create a ripple effect, inspiring change among families, friends and neighbors throughout communities. For motivation and inspiration, we’ll publish statewide and regional report cards to measure and encourage healthy progress. We’ll also share stories of hospitals, schools, businesses, and government agencies that have successfully transformed into healthy places.


We are forming regional leadership teams to spread awareness and engagement among public and private employers about the business of building healthy workplaces and healthier communities. Join us by signing up below.

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