Energizer Booklets

Prevention Partners Be Active legacy

Prevention Partners distributes electronic copies of eight Energizer booklets as part of the Be Active Legacy. The booklets, which were updated in 2015 to align with current state standards/objectives, weave physical activity into classroom curricula for elementary and middle school students across many subjects. Energizers have been evaluated by East Carolina University as an evidence-based program to increase physical activity during the school day.

We are eager to provide these booklets as a low-cost way to get kids more active. We encourage you to print the booklets on cardstock and bind them for frequent use. We have developed an eight-minute narrated training video for teachers. This video can be shown as part of a live training session along with a sample activity to give teachers a feel for how to use Energizers in the classroom.

We have also created a tip sheet on how to tailor Energizer activities for students with disabilities. Please read Adapting Energizers for Students with Disabilities to help ensure that all students can participate.

Contact Lindsey Bickers Bock if you have additional questions about Energizer booklets.