LearnHealthy America

LearnHealthy America began as Zone Health, a North Carolina-based program developed by Prevention Partners with generous grant funding from GSK. Over 10 years, the initiative grew from a paper-and-pencil tool to a web-based assessment and resource library.

To date, 119,431 students at 78 North Carolina schools have benefited from improved nutrition and health education, increased physical activity, and healthier policies affecting everyone in the school.

We are rolling our experience with Zone Health into a more encompassing product, LearnHealthy America, to help schools and districts across the country.

Key features of LearnHealthy America:

  • Form a school wellness team with diverse representation
  • Assess campus and identify areas to improve
  • Create action plans and identify priority areas
  • Connect with no- or low-cost resources and equipment
  • Implement healthy changes before, during, and after the school day
  • Receive recognition for reaching highest standards of health and wellness

See our six-step process.

Visit School Health Hub, our central resource for anyone interested in preventing childhood obesity.

Contact us if your school and/or district is interested in participating.

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