School Health Hub

School Health Hub collects data on the many effective programs and resources available to fight childhood obesity in our nation’s K-12 schools. School administrators, policymakers, funders, educators and parents can access the interactive map to identify evidence-based programs in their communities, complete with contact information. Just as importantly, the map also serves to identify gaps in resources — helping to match funders and program providers with communities in need.

Included here are programs and initiatives operating before, during, and after the school day; programs addressing physical education, health education, and nutrition; and programs targeting school meals.

The resource began as NC School Health Connection, a collaborative website developed by Prevention Partners, North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction, NC Division of Public Health, and GlaxoSmithKline to map childhood obesity programs in schools across North Carolina. In 2014 Prevention Partners expanded the effort to a national scope and created School Health Hub.

Nonprofit organizations that don’t currently offer an online map of their obesity prevention and school health programs can create a free account (see directions below) and enter their information, then link to School Health Hub as an interactive mapping service.

To view the School Health Hub map:

Click here to enter School Health Hub, using the tabs along the top of the map. Click on a state, then individual counties or districts and individual initiatives for details about each.

You may also view or search for initiatives through the School Health Hub directory by clicking here.

To add your initiative to the map:

Learn more about the types of programs, initiatives and resources that we seek to include on School Health Hub.

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