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January 20, 2015

Ask an expert: Nutrition Labeling

By Julie Knaack, MPH, RD, LDN Q: We want to provide nutrition labeling for the foods and beverages sold in our hospital cafeteria. Should we just list calories? Or should we include nutrients? Which ones? A: This is a great question, and not just because Congress just recently passed the final rule for nutrition labeling at restaurants across the country.…

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January 14, 2015

State scores poorly on health measures in 2015 NC Prevention Report Card

CHAPEL HILL, NC (January 15, 2015)– Behaviors including cigarette smoking, poor diet, and not enough physical activity -- alongside too little access and cultural support for making healthy choices -- give North Carolina poor grades for its overall health. Prevention Partners drew on data from state and federal agencies and its own proprietary workplace data to grade the state in its newly…

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December 19, 2014

Top 10 Signs You’re Building a Culture of Health

By Julie Knaack It’s almost 2015 and it feels good to know that as a nation, we are making strides in building a strong Culture of Health for everyone. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation celebrated some of these top signs in a recent post. At Prevention Partners, we couldn’t agree more – because we see and hear about transformations every…

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November 10, 2014

Ask an Expert: How can we offer employees time for physical activity?

By Kara Van de Grift, MSW, MSPH Q. We want the Gold Medal. How can we offer paid time and flex time for physical activity? A. First, we are glad your team is motivated to earn the Gold Medal, which includes providing opportunities for employees to be physically active during the work day.  Research shows that employees who are active…

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November 7, 2014

Business travel? Take the long way

By Elina Urli Hodges, MSPH Sitting for 14 hours a day is grueling. On an average day I take about 7,500 steps, or the equivalent of about 3.75 miles, including time in the office and at home.  I recently traveled to the Washington, DC area for a week of meetings and conferences. Thanks to my pedometer, I learned that for…

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October 23, 2014

What scares this dietitian most about Halloween (hint: it’s not the kids)

By Julie Knaack Let me just say: Halloween is not a great time to be a dietitian. I’ve learned this slowly over the years. Like when my neighbor was giving out full-sized candy bars and I filled our bowl with fresh apples and tiny pretzel bags -- then picked up squashed apples and smashed pretzel bags from our lawn the…

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October 13, 2014

Ask An Expert: Can you recommend an HRA?

Q. We are working on our wellness plan and want to offer a health assessment to our employees.  Do you have any recommendations for online health assessments at the individual level? A. Implementing a health assessment and/or biometric screening is a great way to give employees feedback on their health status.  Keep in mind that to have an impact, a…

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Completing health risk assessment
September 5, 2014

To bacon or not to bacon: sorting out new advice

By Julie Knaack Product Support Senior Manager, Prevention Partners In the 1980s it was cholesterol: Don’t eat eggs. In the 90s it was fat: Don’t eat fat. We entered the 21st Century and carbs became the culprit: Order your burger without the bun and ask for extra bacon. This week we read that we should ditch the carbs, grab the…

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August 15, 2014

A peek inside a military hospital complex

I admit that when I learned of Prevention Partners' new Department of Defense contract to work with U.S. military hospitals, I envisioned a setting straight out of Hollywood and M*A*S*H with somewhat dilapidated buildings and a drill sergeant commanding orders through the halls. When our team visited Fort Belvoir Community Hospital outside of Washington, D.C. in late July, I saw instead…

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August 5, 2014

Walking the walk: Oklahoma Hospital Association earns Gold Star

In July the Oklahoma Hospital Association became only the second hospital association in the country to earn our WorkHealthy America Gold Star for tobacco-free practices. To reach this bar, the Association developed a comprehensive tobacco-free campus wide policy that includes e-cigarettes and implemented a complete employee cessation program that provides support for staff or any household members who use tobacco. "I love…

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Oklahoma Hospital Association Prevention Partners award